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Best shoes for standing all day : Buying Guide 2017


Best shoes for standing all day : Buying Guide 2017

best shoes for standing all dayIs it important that everyone should have comfortable shoes and supportive shoes for their feet? It is true that finding best shoes for standing all day is not easy as we think. We need comfortable footwear that is light and cool enough to prevent feet from any kind of problem.

Top 10 best shoes for standing all day for Men and women

Algeria professional flats

The Algeria is one of the shoes for walking a long time. It has some great option. It has made of leather and designed by cute butterfly design. These shoes are very popular for the nurse. Working women like this kind of shoes for their job and this is specially designed for working women.


• the upper is made of full-grain leather.

• There’s thick rocker sole which is very comfortable for walking.

• You can use the shoes for normal use.

• Slip resistant outsole


• Little bit small

• There are not too many options with this model.

Birkenstock super Birki unisex clog

Birkenstock has been making great shoes for a long time about 200 years. Their product has a great reputation for build quality, design, and buyer loyalty. It has some special advantages such as high durable, washable, cork foot-bed for more comfort and support. These shoes are great for lab work and kitchen gig.

• They are affordable than other popular brands.

• Easy to clean, so you can clean after some days

• Exclusive design with a secure fit. There is enough space to adjust your feet.

• More durable, so you can use this for a long time.


• They are not particularly formal so you cannot sure is it useable for official activities.

Dr. Martens 1461 3 eye Gibson lace up

Dr. martens are a legendary brand for comfort work wear. They have lots of design for men and women. The Gibson lace-up are made of highly durable leather. The padding and ergonomic sole will help you to keep you free from back pain.

• The leather outer is made of water resistant materials and it is very easy to maintain.

• There is a different color, so you can choose the best one.

• All Dr. martens use an air-filled sole, so you can feel it more lightweight.

• Dr. martens are covered by a lifetime warranty.


Since manufacturing shifted to china, reviewers noted that there are some lacking in quality.

Caterpillar second shift steel toe work boot

Caterpillar is the most popular boot among the people who are in the hardworking job such as steel worker, contractor, and plumber. These shoes have some great feature for safety. There are steel toes for your safety and also upper leather. The sole is made of non-slip traction. It seems who need to do hard work for daily life, the caterpillar is the choice.


• They are well-made with high-quality leather upper and shaft.

• They have ASTM-certified steel toes for better safety.

• They have a very rugged outsole which will keep you safe from danger.


• The sole isn’t highly cushioned.

Skechers sports women's loving life foam sneaker

This Is the best footwear for women who need to walk all the day. It comes with great color and design which attract to any women who need to have perfect shoes for their daily life.


• Very breathable upper construction

• Simple and durable design

• Ideal for long time use


• Bit small about sizing

Skechers Sports Women's Burst Ellipse Fashion Sneaker

the sketcher burst ellipse is one the great running shoes for women. These running shoes are packed full of technologies to provide the best quality and comforts for better performance. The upper side of sketcher burst ellipse women running shoes is designed from lightweight and breathable fabric. There is also ventilation system that will help from sweating. The lacing system is another great feature for running shoes, that’s why is can be easily fitted to your feet. Highly durable outsole materials offer exceptional grip and traction. Sketcher is an award-winning global leader in the lifestyle footwear industry. so, it is clear that these shoes are ideal for standing all day.


• best comfort

• great style

• perfect for long lasting uses


• narrow sole

Clarks Women's Wendy Laurel Fisherman Sandal

Clerk women’s Wendy is one of the women shoes for comforts. These leather fishermen from Clark footwear is great shoes for standing all day. The leather is the main part of the shoes, so there is no need to worry about the leather. it comes with some exclusive design and color. the sole of the shoes will keep you ease at any position. So, you should not worry about style and comforts.


• High-quality leather

• Easy to use

• Best comforts


• Not for rough use.

Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 4 Kindle Slip-On Walking Shoe

Choose the greatness with sketcher GO walk 4-kindle for standing all day. It comes with 5th generation design and midsole. So, it is very effective about comfort while you are walking or standing on the ground. The bamboo lined foot bed keep you safe from bacteria. The upper part is constructed by 3D layer fabric. The natural expansion provides a comfort and arch support. It's weight only 51/4oz.


• Absorb shock

• Attractive design

• Lightweight


• Wear out easily

Alegria Women's Classic Clog

Algeria women classic clog is best shoes for these women who want to feel good and comfortable. It is perfect for the nurse. There are used high-quality leather, that save the shoes from any kind damage. It is very soft and comfortable, that’s why you feel, good while you are standing or walking. Cushioned support makes you more comfortable all-day long. This shoe is made by the proper gripping system, so this will keep you safe from slipping. The leather insole is breathable and saves from sweating, so you won’t feel seating problem about using a long time. The adjustable shape will make it fit perfectly with the feet of yours. Its lightweight shape helps you to walk with ease.


• Comfortable

• Easy to use

• Healthful

• Safe

• No chance of pain


• Cannot resist water

Timberland Women's White Ledge Hiking Boot

Timberland women’s ledge hiking boot is about one of the bestselling product of timberland. the boots are surprisingly very lightweight that will make you feel nothing in your feet. They are made of durable material and lightweight material for better uses. it is best shoes for working. it has also the lace-up system, so you can adjust the boot to your feet easily. There is also different color available. Choosing the favorite color is the great opportunity for you. if you are a gardener, then you should buy this shoe. this will help you to work easily. the sole is very flexible for helping you to run or walking all day.


• Durable

• Very comfortable

• Ankle support

• Lightweight

• Very good price


• Too soft sole for rough terrain

• Complaints about traction

What shoes to avoid?

It is very important to choosing the right shoes. There is various matter included when you are going to buy the shoes for you. it is not about the only size also design, support, sole, and flexibility. So you should know about that, what kind shoes you should not buy:

• Don’t’ get just by size and color.

• Don’t buy the shoes before taking the trial.

• You should not buy Nonprofessional shoes, that are not matched with your profession.

• Don’t take any decision without knowing your feet details.

• Don’t judge by one shoe, check out for another shoe.

• You should not buy the shoes which are not fit to your feet.

• If you are going to buy professional shoes so you should avoid lowest price shoes.

• Don’t go for purchasing shoes without checking the shoes on online.

Why Is It Important to Wear the Right Footwear?

Feet not only need to be covered to look good shoes but also need to covered by good shoes. Shoes are significant for your feet. Your feet are always hitting the ground so you should choose the right shoes that keep your feet well. Proper shoes help us to prevent any kind of injury to our feet. It also keeps us from comfortable when we are working or walking on the hard ground. Right footwear helps us to keep proper balance on our feet. So it is clear about that if we want to keep our feet well and keep without any kind of injuries than we need to wear right footwear. Right shoes depend on your feet and arches, before buying shoes you have to know about that. You have to buy the shoes which are supportive to your feet.

Why you need standing shoes?

Are you among the many people who participate in different activities or work in an environment which requires you to just stand about all the day long? If you are, then you to know how important that wearing standing shoes for all the day long. Supporting the weight of your body can be quite tasked for your feet, so your feet need to right shoes for doing the task. There are numerous jobs that need to walking all day such as nursing, hospitality industry, retail industry as well as security and emergency service. In that case, you need the right shoes to do your job perfectly. The sneaker is the best kind of shoes for walking all day long.

Final Words

There is a different kind of brand in the market with lucrative design and huge advantages. So it is depending on your demand. Before purchasing the shoes read about user reviews, this will help you find out the best shoes for your all day long.

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