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Best Shoes For Bunions : Buying Guide 2017

Best Shoes For Bunions : Buying Guide 2017


Best Shoes For Bunions : Buying Guide 2017

What is bunion shoes?

Best Shoes For Bunions : Buying Guide 2017At first it’s important to know about bunion according to medical language, bunion is the frontal section of our foot where toe joint can be found and dis-formation of bone or slightly curved finger is known as bunion, if you continue wearing wrong shoes which don’t suit with your feet may cause bunion it’s hard to explain the pain of bunion to those whom yet not faced pain of bunion. Mainly bunion shoes are kind of orthotic shoes that lessened the chance of getting toe joint pain by its soft upper foam, rubber sole, soften inner sole and adequate availability of air pocket gives your feet or toe section a proper space to have comfort with flexibility. 


Why wear to bunions shoes?

To avoid pain of bunion it’s compulsory to wear bunion shoes, there are ample of reasons to wear bunion healing shoes such as:

It reduces the possibility of finger fracture if you are having bunion foot by birth.

Best shoes for bunion offers proper space for toe joint section which gives available space comes with greater comfort for your feet.

Bunion shoes also provided plenty of flexibility by its cushioned inner sole and outer rubber outsole mechanism

Best bunion shoe keeps your curved finger separate rather than collapsed best healing method or reduce pain.

Sometime bunion comes not only from by birth DNA factors it also appears coz of wearing wrong fitted shoes or narrow toe section shoes or high heel, though Doctors suggests moderating well-fitted shoes with the Orthotic beneficial inner sole, as well as the outsole, keeps you far away from bunion or at least pain of the bunion.

Symptoms of Bunions

There are lots of reason the creates bunions especially if you are already having bunion shaped toe joint foot or bunions coming because of wearing ill-fitted shoes, however, if you are noticing any of the following symptoms need to be aware of bunions and get ready to wear the best bunion shoes.

If you notice a big red bump on your big finger in your feet which is in a toe joint are be sure that’s the bunion giving pain end of the day.

  • You will feel bitter pain, soreness pain / feelings in toe joint are on your feet.
  • Skin of your toe are will be thickened day by day with continued pain.
  • There may be one or two or more corn’s will appear in your toe area skin.
  • Because of one bunion affected finger, you may feel intolerable pain in any section of the toe joint in your feet.
  • You will find 1st finger may collapse or overlap with 2nd finger.  

Causes of Bunions

Whatever the reason bunion gives pain either bunion comes from lacking about shoe wearing or about the shape and size or by birth. However it’s yet not crystal clear actually how and why bunion appears in human feet, anyways here are brief reasons for having bunions:

DNA factors are one of the major reason could be you may suffer or already suffering from bunion pains if any member of your family already having bunion there is strong chance you may face the same problem as your ancestor suffered or suffering.

Shoe fittings, also the biggest reason you may suffer or get affected by bunions, wear shoes without having proper knowledge about your own feet if you wear ill-shaped shoes, or narrower toe box shoes, high heel which is not supporting your toe box all these little ignorances may suffer you from the pain of bunions.

If you are losing ligament connection which is directly connected with toe joint section for sure you are feet is growing bunions.

Toe box joint stretch is another reason for having bunions.

Another hand if you got heavy fracture due to accident either car accident or childhood playground accident all these unexpected reasons may cause bunions if your feet.

Advantage of bunions shoes

If you are already suffering from bunions its time to purchase and wear best shoes for bunions that reveal you from the pain of bunion in big toe joint area. Obviously, there are lots of advantages of wearing best shoes for bunions-such as:

  1. To avoid intolerable feet pain

  2. Best bunion shoes provides comfort with flexibility

  3. Bunion shoes are highly moderated and suggested by Doctors as a cure for your toe joint pains.

  4. Bunion shoes are made up with well inner section cushion and outer rubber sole availability of air pockets good for either for walking, running or sporting without having any feet pain.

  5. Bunion shoes help or support to keep separate your finger if you are already having bunion problems.

Precaution is better than surgery which means if you find best bunion shoes for your feet will result better than having orthotic surgery.

How to choose the Best bunions shoes

There are lots of reason bunion may appear or you are already having pains because of having bunions but from common sense it can be said that main reason for bunion is wearing ill-fitted shoes which force your finger to overlaps with other finger keeps in tight position all day which is injuries and painful, in this context there are several things need to take into considering about choosing best shoes for bunions.

Activity: you need to think about your reason to wear shoes while already having bunions, either for work or running upon that you need to decide which shoe is better for your bunions.

    Selecting Shoe: shoe is the main culprit for having bunions, wearing small shoe or narrower toe box shaped shoes, lacking air passing functions all these are the main reason for having bunions, so while choosing shoes need to take into account all these shoe related factors that will give you comfort and flexibility with zero chance of bunion pain.

    Other Factors: there are few other factors need to consider while buying shoes to get rid of bunions for example:

Don’t wear a shoe more than 6 months or a year

Focus on comfort rather gorgeous looking

Take specialist suggestion or consult with Doctor before purchasing shoes to avoid bunions.

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