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Best Parkour Shoes – 2017 Buying Guide & Reviews

best parkour shoes


Best Parkour Shoes – 2017 Buying Guide & Reviews

What are the Best Shoes for Parkour?

best parkour shoesSports is for sports, so who need to do sports parkour shoes are very important for them. If you are interested in parkour than it is very important to know about parkour shoes. because shoes are a very important element of parkour. You can reach maximum potential with parkour shoes.

Top 5 Best Parkour Shoes Reviews | 2017 | Buying Guide 

Puma FAAS 500 review

The puma FAAS 500 is fantastic shoes for parkour. There is much reason for getting the best review in online. It has an awesome gripping system. You can easily jump, run into the hard surface and wet surface. the shoes are very comfortable and flexible that will make you pleasant after wearing the shoes. another high point is durability. you can use it for a long time without having any problem.


EVOLV CRUZER is the best for rock climbing. It is very lightweight, that’s why you can’t feel that there is something in your leg. It is also fashionable, so you can use it normally anywhere as you need. Before making this shoe, the company thought about climbing so it has a special gripping system. The shoes perform decently on a wet surface, in that case, you can use this shoes without worry about the slip.


VIBRAM SHOES are one of the best options for parkour. They are more durable and perfect for landing on the rough surface. it is too lightweight that is amazing for your next jump. Flexibility and low weight are the main reason about the shoes. you will realize that how much effective this after using it. Hopefully, it will give you better service from than another brand.


This is one of the more premium options that is available in the market. It provides awesome protection and comforts. Parkour is all about movement so there is need extra protection on the feet, so it is better for protection. There is another great thing is flexibility. Your movement depends on your shoe flexibility, so this the shoes you are searching. It is very lightweight and durable. There is used the high synthetic that will help you to use this shoes for the long day. The laces are optimally placed to ensure that your fitness of your foot.

Nike Free 5.0 shoes

this shoe has a great blend of durability, weight, and comfort. This is why these are perfect for parkour. The design is very sleek and the synthetic is lightweight, that means you use it without confusion. If your shoe is heavy than it is very difficult to jump or run so, there is no problem with these matters. It will protect you from any kind of injury while you are taking stun.


Parkour is about movement your feet at any surface. so, when you picking parkour shoes you have to avoid these things which are given.

• Grip: don’t buy the shoes have not excellent gripping shoes

• Lightweight: you should avoid the heavy shoes. heavy shoes will not help you are doing parkour

• Sole: thinner sole is the best for parkour, so you should the shoes which has not thinner sole.

Best parkour shoes for beginners

Parkour is now very popular sports in social media or another site, so if you are a beginner for parkour then you should know about the sport. Footwear is the very important matter about that. You can’t do it with normal shoes. you to buy special kind of shoes which can assist you to do this perfectly.

There are some tips for a beginner:

• Don’t get ahead of yourself. If you see someone do an awesome jump, don’t try it at first until you know very well about the jump.

• Practice and practice are the keys to success. So, you have to do a lot of practice.

• Don’t’ waste your money buying wrong shoes

• You must choose the shoes which have good grip.

Best parkour shoes for kids:

Parkour is one of the new and biggest athlete movement. If you are a parent, you might be aware of this. Now that your child is interested in parkour, you need to get the right shoes for them. There are different brand shoes in the market for parkour. You must keep in mind few things. I have given the hints below:

• The shoes sole

• Durability

• Shoe weight

• Shoe fitting

• Arch support

• Size

How to choose the best parkour shoes

Parkour game is an extreme level hard but entertaining sport, requires different types of skills to perform, no hesitation you must need best shoes that fit your feet and comfortable to learn and perform those parkour art. There are few things need to consider while you like to purchase shoes. Such as;

If you have decided to purchase the best pair of parkour shoes for learning skills, you need to get information about your own feet measurement.

Walk into a well-renowned shoe store, choice your desired shoe, take info about shoes, such as; construction, elements used for the shoe etc.

Wear the shoe you have selected already, then walk a few steps and check either shoe is well fitted with your feet or not if you are satisfied enough then purchase.

Check the heel area after wearing the shoe, so that you can realize the shoes actual fitting with your feet, a comfortable heel is essential for parkour movements.

Check upper mesh and outer sole features, either well breathable, shock-absorbent ability, accommodation well satisfactory or not, if yes purchase, if no stay far away from that shoe.

Take shoe in your hand check blend ability, if midsole stable while blending purchase otherwise don’t purchase that shoe.

Before purchasing shoe must check and make sure about durability, stability, and flexibility so that you can face all hard obstacles easily.  

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