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Best Indoor Soccer Shoes 2017 – Reviews&Guide

best shoes for indoor


Best Indoor Soccer Shoes 2017 – Reviews&Guide

What is Indoor Soccer Shoes?

best indoor soccer shoes

soccer is one the popular sports in the world and very popular in some countries. It can be played both indoor and outdoor ground. Feet is the most important part of this game because of it all about foot activities. So, there is needed something special which can help your feet for playing the indoor soccer game.

Top 5 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes Reviews in 2017

Adidas ACE 16.4 prime mesh

The newest release from Adidas ACE 16.4 has grabbed the top shoes of indoor soccer sports. The shoes are made specially for indoor soccer sports. The ACE prime mesh also come with added ankle support which is very helpful for the player. The indoor ground is too much hard, so the shoes designed for the hard ground and perfect ankle support. The ankle is very important for the player cause lot of movement required when you are going to play indoor sports.

Pros: perfect for hard ground.

Cons: : it has made only for indoor soccer.


Nike MAGISTA X is another popular boot from Nike. The shoes have more focus on overall control and passing the football. With the technology used in the design process and the materials, the shoes become more lucrative and comfortable. It very special who need to play in the middle field of the ground. They can move fast as they needed. It is very lightweight, that’ why you move fast when you are on the playground.

Pros: it is best for passing the football

Cons : they haven’t enough color combination.


PUMA is leading brand for sports shoes. they release their shoes with exclusive design and feature that’ easily attract to any athletes. The universal II combines durability, abrasion resistant and comforts. The shoes also feature the ever-fit lacing system providing a snugger fit. The ever-fit lacing system will offer you to adjust with your feet, what your feet size doesn’t matter. It has synthetic leather in uppers. This is all about comforts feature. The upper leather is softer that will make you feel the softness and easier for playing. If you look at the heel area of the shoes, you will realize that it has been improved with a 3D heel counter. This will provide you extra protection from any kind of injury.

Pros: universal soccer shoes made of highly synthetic leather, fit like glove, 3D heel counter provides more protection.

Cons: available in 3 sizes only.


Nike release the new indoor soccer shoes with kangaroo leather, a material which was used in the past than today. Nike wanted to make something special for the indoor soccer player. So, they think about the requirement of player, as a player what they need to play. Then they decided to release Nike TIEMPOX PROXIMO IC which is made of latest materials. The midsole also implements lunar Lon technology which is used in some running shoes of Nike. The non-marking outsole compound includes threading for extra grip.

Pros: the excellent combination of synthetic material and leather offer you comforts when you running on the ground.

Cons: you might encounter some minor size mismatches if you have large size of feet.

Puma EVOPOWER 3.3 indoor shoes

Puma EVOPOWER 3.3 indoor shoes something special for soccer athlete. It is best by the color, it has fashionable color combination. it’s almost certain that both professional and non-professional will be benefited from their cool design and performance. Not only by the color it is great about its body construction. It has made of polyurethane synthetic material, so you should not worry about comfortless. The synthetic material is used for ensure the top-class performance. Since it is very lightweight, you can play faster than before.

Pros: it is extremely lightweight that you can’t feel there something in your leg.


: people with wide feet might have problem to find out the perfect size.

Benefits of Using Indoor Soccer Shoes

Indoor soccer shoes required some extra care of your feet which is not available in normal shoes. indoor shoes are made of many things included such as comforts, durability, color, sole and softness. These things will assist you when you are playground and keep you safe from injury

What Material is the best for indoor soccer shoes?

Buying footwear is not big deal but when you are buying for indoor soccer than it is big deal. There are many things included you should think. You should think about upper part of the shoes. synthetic material increases the quality of shoes, so you should justify which kind of synthetic is used in the shoes. sole is big matter for buying indoor soccer shoes, if the sole is not comfortable then you can’t put enough pressure in your feet. Overall you must avoid cheap plastic shoes and choose the best indoor soccer shoes.

Buying indoors soccer shoes is not easy, you have to focus many things which is not neglectable. There given some tip for hoe can choose the best shoes for indoor soccer games, hopefully this will help you.

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