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There are few things need to take into consideration before purchasing shoes so that you can select and get proper shoe comes with comfort according to American Orthopedics Center few things must be taken into consideration while selecting shoe:

You need to measure your own foot before purchasing shoe so that accurate fit able shoes can be purchased.

Before buying shoe find out reason upon which you going to purchase shoe such as, for exercise or for the job requirement, either for fashion or hiking these are important factors.

Including those several things also need to consider such as:

  • First of all get proper idea about your feet either its flat or not ample of shoes available for flat feet constructed in such way gives you proper comfort.
  • Check shoes upper mesh construction good enough for comfort or not, need to check forefoot to rear foot size and inner section cushioning mechanism.
  • If you are wearing a shoe for performing all day work session must choice flexible and well adjustable shoes will be helpful to avoid blisters and pains.
  • Sole is important section while gathering information about any brand shoe select on the basis of requirement i.e, for walking or running or work session or any other purpose.
  • Try to purchase slip resistant shoes, sometimes wet road or field or rainy season shoe without slip resistant may cause a great deal of damage or injury to your health need to be aware of that.
  • Also need to consider either shoe is constructed with leather or synthetic, in the case of all day performing shoes leather construction is will be perfect for comfort.
  • Shoes constructed with Rubber sole and synthetic elements, also good for feet though depends upon necessity or workplace, sometimes people don’t like to wear leather shoes (actually these are animal lovers) synthetic shoes are great for them, other hand if your workplace always remains wet rubber made sole which synthetic material made shoes are great choice comes with comfort and durability
  • While ample of brand and varieties available around us what is exactly need to take into consideration either shoe is flexible and well fitted or not because wrong shoes can be great harmful for arches and toe box that will give long lasting back pains with fractures.

The main purpose of wearing is to get comfort or keep feet in a comfortable situation as long wearing shoes if you are planning to purchase shoes for running need to consider its durability with its construction materials and measurement so that you can get ultimate comfort for feet without any pain or blisters.

If you are working in a well-renowned organization which dress code is to wear shoes always, need to consider on well fitted and flexible shoes with suitable toe box and well arches supportive sole system comes with cushioned padded shoes that give you adequate comfort.

If you like to walk need to select best walking shoes comes with the comfort with flexibility walking shoes are depends upon arches measurement which is flat feet or not on the basis of feet you need to select walking shoes that have a good arches supportive mechanism and sufficient room toe and pleasant for heels.


World’s best and respectful job is nursing which requires performing all day even all night sometimes 16 hrs. Or 18 hrs. Standing job requires flexible and comfortable shoes in this sense low heel and flat size shoes are best for long run performance which comes with great comfort


At first, it's important to know about feet measurement and also need to collect information about feet either flat or not if you are having flat feet must be sensible to select and purchase shoes if you choice wrong shoe for flat feet may cause injury and back pains. Flat feet shoes give ultimate comfort with cushioned inner sole comes with a low heel or sole based shoes.


It's necessary to know about your own feet either you have any bunion or not if you are having or suffering from bunion then Bunion Shoe is the best solution for your sufferings, mainly if you are having big arches or toe, in that case, wearing shoes may force turn right or left side of your toe is called bunion in Medical Language it is called “Hallux Abducto Valgus” bunion shoe comes with adequate toe room that protects your feet from bunions.

Final Words 

With the change of time globalization and modern technology makes our world beautiful and fashionable with the aid of fashion wear diversity, shoes in our day to day life plays different vital role, shoes for work, fashion, attending party or ceremony, sporting, exercise etc. all the section differs various shape, size needs and demands you just need to find out the accurate requirement so that can be full-filled with comfort because whatever the reason for wearing shoes must be comfortable while wearing and performing activities.

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